From traditional to online casinos

The history of casinos has its roots in the 17th century: the first European casino was the Ridotto in Venice, born in 1638 and closed in 1774, although the passion for gambling and betting has always been widespread in the population since Roman times and Ancient Greece. In the 19th century, casinos, as we know them today, began to spread throughout Europe and later in the United States of America, with breathtaking games played in the famous and iconographic saloons. Since then, there are various structures that host or have hosted theme nights and games of chance, going in fact to confirm the luxurious and opulent image of gambling houses: today casinos continue to be the symbol of the game and luck, and even their “digital” version continues to gain acclaim. The only thing that has changed is the support: instead of going to live casinos, you can play from your home or wherever you have a connection, even on the road, using smartphones, tablets and desktop or laptop computers.

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Comparison of physical and online casinos

Physical casinos and online casinos are, therefore, two realities simultaneously appreciated: but both have their strengths and weaknesses when compared. So here are the main ones between the two ways of enjoying the games:

Traditional casinos:

  • they need a physical place where they are located, with the relative costs of management and maintenance;
  • have limitations due to the number of people playing at the same time and the tables available;
  • allow you to play live and maintain a direct relationship with dealers and other players;
  • they respect a set of certain hours in which to enter the facilities and play.

Online casinos:

  • only require a proper device and a good internet connection to play;
  • not having space limitations, they can accommodate a much higher number of players and a much larger number of games, “virtual tables” and matches;
  • the direct relationship can be recovered by participating in live games tables with dealers;            
  • except for what concerns live games with dealers, they have no time limits to play.

While land-based casinos allow and value the importance of face-to-face interaction with the dealer and other players, the absence of time limits and gameplay in online casinos is posing an increasingly attractive appeal to players around the world.

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In addition to the great classics already mentioned, such as poker, blackjack and slot machines, both traditional and digital casinos offer a wide range of games to entertain their guests and users. The most famous games are undoubtedly poker and baccarat, both very popular card games, the first of American origin and the second most likely born in France (although the exact place of birth is still debated). However, online casinos also offer more games than those just mentioned, which are present in both physical and digital casinos: the so-called show games, the prerogative of online casinos, which in turn take inspiration from famous games. The most famous are the following:

  • Monopoly live;
  • Deal or No Deal;
  • Dream Catcher;
  • Lightning Dice;
  • Super Sic Bo;
  • Dragon Tiger.

Each of these games has its own specific rules and its own peculiarities, as far as poker and baccarat are concerned. However, in most cases, when playing online, you are dealing with versions of these games that have the same rules but are also optimized for a better digital experience.