Online Casino Software Evaluation Criteria

How do you rate the different gaming providers out there? Our experts use specific criteria to evaluate different online casino software, which then determines the game offerings of one casino over another.

So how do you know which online casinos are the most convenient based on their gaming providers? Evaluate for yourself by considering the following criteria:

Game Variety

One of the determining factors when choosing to play at an online casino is the variety of games available. You probably already have a pretty broad overview of the games that can be found at one site over another, such as the number of online slot machines offered or even online video poker and table games to get an idea based on what each site tries to focus on the most.


Even if you are not a person with a pronounced artistic streak, you can’t ignore that part of your reasoning that makes you choose one casino game over another based on how it presents itself to both your eyes and ears. While at the peak of the online casino world’s development and expansion, there were only 2D games available, nowadays graphics have improved enormously, and it is easy to find many companies that have started developing 3D games. In some cases, VR (Virtual Reality) has also been developed.

Boy taking a photo of nature


Without the presence of audio in the background, most casino games would be considered monotonous. Fortunately, online casino software presented by various companies usually adds built-in audio to try and emulate the real casino experience. Sounds usually oscillate between classical variations and soundtracks from movies and other well-known songs in music history. Obviously, each song that is added in each game must be perfectly applied to the type of story the game is telling.

Language support

Assuming your native language is English, and you’d like to play in an online casino without ever having set foot in a real casino in your life, there are plenty of online casinos that employ English speakers. And this is basically possible because of the language support that is offered by these online rooms.

Compatibility with Mobile Devices In this digital age, where the smartphone has become the most used accessory for most people to browse, online casinos need to catch up. And in fact, most of them have, realizing how important it is to make mobile compatible versions of their flagship games available to their player customers. And in many cases, this means that games will not only be available for smartphones and tablets but can also be played in desktop mode.