How Can I Be Sure to Play At a Reliable Live Casino Online?

For gambling enthusiasts, the past year has been a complicated one, with casinos being shut down and closed. Many, however, have turned to online platforms. Increasingly popular, this live casino online appeals for its accessibility at all times. However, since they are completely digital, how does one know that they are not hiding big scams? Casino specialists offer reliability certification.

Online security is a priority for 60% of players

The online gambling market is a growing part of the industry. It is estimated that it will be worth almost C$87 billion by 2024. For the majority of users, gaming experiences are conducted on mobile phones. However, regardless of the medium used, the same risks remain. Virtual attacks, player abuse, weakened payment security: it’s hardly surprising when 60% of online gamblers are looking for reliability above all.

First and foremost, of course, is the ability to ensure that the online casino is not a scam. Having a clear view of all the conditions of play is essential. This fear of fraud worries punters, who may then be reluctant to invest their money. They may even fear that they will never get their winnings back. Worse still, if the data is poorly encrypted, are they at risk of hacker attacks on their accounts and devices? To erase these fears, players turn to online casinos with a proven track record of reliability.

Turning to certified reliable casinos

There are several ways for regular players to ensure that their online gambling experience is safe and enjoyable. First, they can take the time to read the feedback from other online casino enthusiasts. However, many prefer to seek the advice of professionals.

The certification of reliability is given by online casino experts. They only endorse sites that they are allowed to test and investigate. A list of criteria to be respected is established and shared with users. This is an opportunity to check that the specifications of this label correspond to its own criteria. If on the one hand, the comparator certifies to the players that the online casino is reliable, the latter must in return ensure that it offers the same quality of service over time.

Criteria for the reliability of an online casino

The quality of an online casino is determined by several factors to which experts pay close attention. They take advantage of internal access to the site to check all the information required for certification. Among the priority points companies place:

  • The obligation to have a valid gaming licence issued by a competent authority;
  • Reliable payments, including simplified identity checks, no more than 5 days’ notice and a variety of deposit and withdrawal options;
  • Easy access to clearly laid out accessibility, play, bonus and withdrawal requirements to ensure no unpleasant surprises;
  • Easy access to trained and courteous support staff, through a variety of media and with a wide enough range of hours to suit players from all walks of life;
  • Adherence to 4 key security measures to ensure the most secure gaming experience, for example through SSL data encryption or an auto-exclude option.

In addition to these essential criteria, the online casino specialist pays attention to a few details for a complete picture of the platform. These include the overall reputation of the casino and the number of bonuses offered. According to these professionals, it is better to have a reasonable number of promotions to be sure that the online casino is not hiding anything dubious.